Vision and Mission

    Vision: Access, Equity, Accountability and Quality

    Our vision in brief is 'Access, Equity, Accountability and Quality". This institution ensures access to all sections of students aspiring for higher studies and research qualifications, especially for the economically weaker sections.Without any discrimination on the basis of gender and religion, by enhancing the quality of education offered and making the teachers and administration accountable, the centre achieves equity and quality. It is ensured that teachers inculcate human values to students to make them good citizens. The faculty members and students are motivated to undertake research projects, participate in conferences and regularly update their knowledge / skills. The Centre also organizes a number of seminars and conferences in all the disciplines every year.

    Mission: Expansion, Inclusion and Excellence

    Our mission in a nutshell is 'Expansion, Inclusion and Excellence'. The Centre's mission is to expand itself in the field of higher education in manifold ways and provide an all-embracing best quality education taking with an eye on progressive excellence. The Centre endeavors to achieve inclusion by admitting students from various sections of the society by strictly adhering to constitutional obligations like reservations to create an inclusive society. The mission envisages that academic excellence is possible only with the sustained efforts of all the stakeholders, the Government, University, faculty, students and society at large. With the active support of all the stakeholders, the Centre strives towards College of Excellence (CE) status in the near future.