Profile of the College


    The Union Territory of Puducherry, which finds its identity in history as Vedapuri (Place for Higher Learning) is ever flourishing andis a higher educational hub. In order to cater the needs of hundreds of graduates in basic sciences and humanities, especially those hailing from socio-economically under privileged society, the Government of Puducherry established this centre in 1989 by clustering all the existed Postgraduate courses in various Arts and Science Colleges in Pondicherry region under one umbrella, affiliating to Pondicherry Universityas a separate Centre for Postgraduate studies. Latter the Centre was renamed as Kanchi Mamunivar Centre for Postgraduate Studies in memory of the great sage Kanchi Mamunivar of Kanchi Mutt in 1994.

    The Centre was started with 10 PG courses in Languages, Arts and Science in 1989. Subsequently the PG courses in History and Computer Science and M.Phil. courses in 11 disciplines were started. The department of Tamil, English, Commerce, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Botany and Zoology are recognized as research departments. The Centre was recognized under 2(f) and 12(B)by UGC in 1993 as a Postgraduate Institution offering 12 PG courses, 11 M.Phil. and 8 Ph. D. programmes. M.Sc. Statistics is started from the academic year 2019-20.

    The Centre started with around 350 students in the year 1989 and over a period of thirty years the strength has become three fold. About 80% of our students are girls and majority of them are from rural area and economically weaker section.

    Due to the outstanding performance of this Centre in academic and research activities, UGC conferred the Autonomous status in 2007 and as per the guidelines of UGC the various statutory bodies and the Cells like examination, IQAC etc. were formed in order to effectively implement the Autonomous status. Under this scheme the syllabus for all the PG and M.Phil. courses were revised and updated once in every two years on par with the Global Scenario. Based on the performance of the Centre, the Autonomous status was extended by UGC till 2019-20, the Centre has applied for further extension.

    The Centre was accredited by NAAC in 2005 and awarded B++ grade. On fulfillment of the observations and recommendations of the Peer team of NAAC in the first cycle, the Centre was awarded A grade (CGPA 3.19) in the second cycle during 2013-14. In the third cycle during 2018-19, the Centre was awarded B++ grade (CGPA 2.82) in spite of the higher achievement in all spheres and fulfilment of the recommendations suggested in the second cycle. Hence an appeal has been made to NAAC to reconsider the grading.

    When UGC introduced the scheme of bestowing the status of "College with Potential for Excellence" to Colleges based on their excellent academic and research achievements, this Centre is one among them in getting this honour in 2007and this status was further extended for another term of 5 years upto 2019.

    The Centre has made a paradigm shift in the curriculum adopting Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) from 2012 - 13 for all PG courses and for all M.Phil. programme from 2013-14. The shift to CBCS curriculum enabled the students and the faculties to be more vibrant and versatile which improved the standard and quality of knowledge and skill. This curriculum gives opportunities for the students to study various inter-disciplinary optional subjects and also do online courses and courses in other higher Institutions whose credits are accounted for the award of the Degree.

    The Centre has more than 85% of the faculty posts filled through UPSC and all of them are Ph.D. qualified and 75% of the teacher guides involve in regular advanced level research activities. Due to the sincere efforts and academic interest of the faculty members, the Centre could achieve in making more than 300 scholars to get their Ph.D. degree so far.

    Apart from the grants received under Autonomous Status and College with Potential for Excellence from UGC and grants for Infrastructure development to colleges under RUSA, the Centre has been sanctioned grants for various research Major projects for about Rs. 2 crores. The Centre also mobilizes funds for the development of infrastructure and improve the research activities through other Government and Non-Government organizations.

    The Centre also organizes periodical seminars/symposia/conferences at National and International levels in all disciplines in order to have academic exposure and motivate the students to present their research achievements. The staff members also present papers and participate in National and International level conferences in India and abroad periodically. In order to update their knowledge and improve their teaching, the faculty members attend orientation and refresher programmes organized by the HRD centres all over India.

    The Centre participated in the NIRF ranking by MHRD, Government of India in 2019 and is ranked 49th position among the Colleges.

    The academic outcome, research achievements, best practices and non-academic outcomes are indicative of realizing the dream of becoming "Centre of Excellence" and "Institution of Eminence" shortly.

    Vision and Mission

    Vision: Access, Equity, Accountability and Quality

    Our vision in brief is 'Access, Equity, Accountability and Quality". This institution ensures access to all sections of students aspiring for higher studies and research qualifications, especially for the economically weaker sections.Without any discrimination on the basis of gender and religion, by enhancing the quality of education offered and making the teachers and administration accountable, the centre achieves equity and quality. It is ensured that teachers inculcate human values to students to make them good citizens. The faculty members and students are motivated to undertake research projects, participate in conferences and regularly update their knowledge / skills. The Centre also organizes a number of seminars and conferences in all the disciplines every year.

    Mission: Expansion, Inclusion and Excellence

    Our mission in a nutshell is 'Expansion, Inclusion and Excellence' The Centre's mission is to expand itself in the field of higher education in manifold ways and provide an all-embracing best quality education taking with an eye on progressive excellence. The Centre endeavors to achieve inclusion by admitting students from various sections of the society by strictly adhering to constitutional obligations like reservations to create an inclusive society. The mission envisages that academic excellence is possible only with the sustained efforts of all the stakeholders, the Government, University, faculty, students and society at large. With the active support of all the stakeholders, the Centre strives towards College of Excellence (CE) status in the near future.